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Capital Allowances for Commercial Property inc SA

Qualifying commercial property can include, Serviced Accommodation, commercial to residential conversions, shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, care homes, public houses, factories, industrial units or warehouses.

Capital Allowances can be claimed when buying or developing existing freehold properties, constructing new properties or developing leasehold properties. Only commercial property which is purchased or leased by an individual or business will qualify. Property held in a pension fund or owned by a charity will not.

The plant and machinery included in commercial property can include fixtures and fitting as well as movable items like furniture. More integral fixtures can include carpets, air conditioning, sanitary ware, kitchens, heating, emergency lighting, wiring to fixed plant, fire equipment, security systems and telecommunications. The list is lengthy and unfortunately there is no definition of what constitutes Plant & Machinery. However, there is a functional test – the asset must be used in the qualifying activity.

Our RICS & CIOB qualified surveyors oversee the identification, logging and valuation of the qualifying plant and machinery assets within your property. The advantages of using fully qualified surveyors are that you will also get a Building Surveyor’s Report, a reconstruction valuation and an independent land valuation.

Once we have the details from the survey, we then have to confirm that a valid claim can be made by making checks with Land Registry and previous owners. 

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